jTribe Apps

Freelance work with jTribe. Developed an iPhone app for the Melbourne area for a large customer service organisation. App is currently in testing. More details to follow as soon as the app goes live!

Schedule iTunes to download Podcasts

Apple recently released all video sessions for WWDC 2011. That’s about 24 GB for the SD sessions. If you’re like me you might be limited by some archaic ISP data usage cap. I have on-peak  (8am-2am) and off-peak  (2a-8a) usage times with my monthly usage cap split between the two. Hopefully you’re not like me…. Continue reading

Migrating a WordPress site between two domains. Egg before the chicken?

Problem You’ve setup a WordPress site on with some initial content and you’re migrating it to When you attempt to login into WordPress admin, you’re redirected to your staging site ( Why is this happening? Oops. Remember to change values in ‘General settings’ for ‘WordPress address’ and ‘Site address’ before you migrate the… Continue reading

Optimizing HTML web sites for iPad

We did some work recently to determine what it would take to optimize the current site for iPads. Currently iPads are redirected to the mobile version of the site. All that real estate to waste. Links/articles I found to be useful which might kick start your development into iPad-optimized web sites: Device detection via CSS:… Continue reading