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Jonathan Sagorin

Technical Leader

About #

I am a technical leader with a strong focus on team management and project delivery. I’ve worked in diverse roles – as a software developer, technical architect, development management, mentor and team leader. I have a thorough understanding and practical application of agile processes - within enterprise and startup environments.

I specialize in scalable web software architecture on AWS platforms and complex software integrations. I have extensive iOS development experience.

I’ve worked in startup and enterprise environments, bringing to organizations (I feel) the best of both mindsets. I have a keen interest in EdTech, with an interest in LMS and online learning. I have volunteered and taught kids to code – one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Diverse industry experience; education; insurance; service industries; entertainment and TV.

Specialisation #

Technical Leadership #

Leading and mentoring teams through collaboration, trust and continuous learning

Software Development Management #

Expertise in software delivery proceses, team career progression and mentoring

Scalable Web Software Architectures #

Direct experience in building scalable web architectures across multiple technology stacks

AWS Cloud solutions #

Extensive experience deploying to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

iOS Development Expertise #

Developing apps for Apple iOS – on both iPhone and iPad