Software Engineer



Leadership and mentoring

Leading and mentoring team members though collaboration.

Development Management

Software iteration management based upon Agile principles.


Extensive experience developing apps for Apple iOS – on both iPhone and iPad

Web Software Engineer

Full stack development across multiple technologies.


My current development focus has been mostly in making iOS apps, but I still consider myself to be  a software generalist. I try to design and create software based on Agile principles. I also have extensive experience in designing and developing scalable web architectures. I’ve had great exposure to varied domains – from social media, entertainment, tv and music to workers compensation insurance.

I’ve adopted various roles throughout my career – from developer to software architect; from mentor to development manager. I really enjoy mentoring team individuals, building teamwork and collaboration. Also, I have previous extensive experience in scalable API server-side software design and development.

Currently I work in Swift, and Objective-C. I’ve done some work with Node.js and Ruby, and in the past have worked extensively with Java web technologies. Languages and toolsets come and go, but the principles and processes of software development continue to stick with me throughout my career.

I’m continuously learning and I love the varied challenges presented by every project I work on. More importantly, the people I work and collaborate with make the job for me rewarding.