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Splitting your WordPress blog posts with ‘Read More’

Sometimes you just want to split your WordPress blog post up into a couple of paragraphs, followed by a ‘Read More’ link to the full posting. I do most of my digging in other frameworks and languages, so my WordPress customization skills are limited.  I’ll install it, throw up a theme and do some basic customizations for you. But ask for more ‘advanced’ things and I’d go digging on the Interwebs for the solutions. I landed up digging around in theme files looking for this option today, but turns out its a lot simpler to add ‘Read More’ breaks than I thought.

When writing a blog post insert a markup tag in the post to indicate ‘Read More’. In the WordPress blog editor, when editing in ‘Visual’ mode type Alt-Shift-T, or click the 4th icon from the top right- ‘Insert More tag’. If you’re editing in HTML mode, add <!–more–> to the markup where you want the break.

Remember though – ‘Read more’ breaks are ignored in any Templates (eg a single post), and are most useful when viewing lists of blog posts (e.g. WordPress categories). For a more detailed implementation explanation of ‘Read more’ usage in content, checkout the WordPress Codex for the_content template tag. I RTFMed and it actually helped!

Migrating a WordPress site between two domains. Egg before the chicken?

You’ve setup a WordPress site on with some initial content and you’re migrating it to When you attempt to login into WordPress admin, you’re redirected to your staging site (

Why is this happening?
Oops. Remember to change values in ‘General settings’ for ‘WordPress address’ and ‘Site address’ before you migrate the site.If you forget, these values can be changed after migration.

Login to mysql (or other) database and run the following sql:
update wp_options set option_value = '' where option_name in ('home','siteurl');