An exhaustive list of the apps I’ve worked on. Some app are in store, others are enterprise apps. Some are no longer in the store. (the app graveyard)

In Store


– white label apps for customer rewards and loyalty.
– payment integration (Braintree), profiles, loyalty management
– user sign in/ registration flows
– location-based beacon ordering apps

Two examples of the apps produced (several more, but all very similar):

Fonda – mexican food

Messina – an ice cream shop

All apps created using this white-label product can be seen here:


– location-based ordering at sports games. order from the bar, approach the venue, and order is automatically pushed to the bar via beacons and geo-fencing

VDROP (2014-2015)
– video messaging app between fans and celebrities

Baseball Coin (2012-2017)

– baseball salary information app

Outware (2013)

NPS app

– medicine reminder app

Enterprise apps

Small World Social (2014)
Enterprise iPad app (not in store)
– Educational Content managememt system. Browse categorised content and download videos.

– Prototyping wealth management apps (internal prototyping for management stakeholders for large australian bank)
– worked with another developer on early versions of Cook (iPad app).

The Royals (2013)

Beta app of Battle Stars: fantasy game within a game. play with friends during live football.
v1 was for AFL footy. (

New version here (gives you a sense for the app, but I did not work on the latest version)

No longer in store

SohoPOS iPad app (2013)
Point of Sale app for the ipad:

Music app (BeatsMe) (2012)
– an app for displaying what music a DJ at a club was mixing, so it could be purchased

Music app (Fonzi) (2011)
– A Duke box app for sharing a user’s playlist and voting songs up and down
screen shots available here:

Yellow Pages iPad app (2010)
The app  (screenshots) I worked on is still available here. Very retro. Look at all those bevelled edges.

Their current app is here (no involvement)